Bone marrow concentrate, what do we know about hemolysis? Do we inject profound pro-inflammatory mediators?

Background: Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMC) has materialized as a significant and important autologous biological means in health care therapeutic strategies. The use of biologics for tissue repair and regenerative processes are still at its infancy when compared to surgical interventions and pharmaceuticals.  However, autologous b...
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PRP System formulations should facilitate an ideal Bio-Cellular PRP content for the physician.

P latelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapies and treatment protocols have evolved immensely over the past 20 years. Through laboratory, experimental, and clinical research, followed by, more recent, meta-analysis's, physicians, medical practitioners, and scientists have developed a better understanding of PRP bio-cellular physiology. Especially with regar...
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White blood cells in platelet rich plasma, the good, bad, and ugly?

The literature is not always clear on definitions and effects of white blood cells in PRP products. Since the initial use of PRP in the 90's, the presence, and functions of leukocytes in PRP has been greatly underestimated. The literature still does not give a clear direction on their roles in the various healing processes. The PRP literature, addr...
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Welcome to the Bio-Blog

 Peter Everts, PhD Hello, I'm Peter Everts, Chief Scientific Officer of EmCyte Corporation ® , and I will frequently post content to the Bio-Blog . This blog will consist of actual theme's in regenerative medicine, using bio-cellular therapies. I will be touching and discussing on observations as they appear in the literature, or in the media,...
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