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Why Supraphysiologic PRP



Chances are your prp is not supraphysiologic, and therefore not clinically effective. Studies show that PRP must have a deliverable platelet count of at least 1 billion platelets per milliliter to be clinically effective. A commonly administered dose of 7mL of PRP should have a minimum deliverable platelet count of 7 billion platelets. PurePRP® SupraPhysiologic have been shown to deliver as much as 9 to 20 billion platelets in 7ml of PRP depending on the patient's baseline platelet count. PurePRP® SupraPhysiologic is the ONLY system that can provide this quantity of platelets in a PRP sample that's devoid of RBCs.  This unique capability allows PurePRP® SP to be classified as SupraPhysiologic PRP, exceeding the requirement for clinical efficacy.


 Comparison Data



EmCyte PurePRP®


Harvest Clear PRP


Arthrex Angel

Platelet yield %  81%   62%   49%
Mononuclear yield %  70%   7%   38%
Granulocyte yield % 2%   0%   3%
Platelet concentration x baseline 7   5   4.1
RBC x 109/mL


  0.0   0.3
PDGF releasate AB pg/mL 68,194   55,860   39,714
TGF-ß pg/mL 75,546   58,505   41,886

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PurePRP® SP continuously outperform all other PRP concentrating systems in performance and clinical outcomes.  PurePRP® SP is the GOLD STANDARD for point of care platelet rich plasma.  EmCyte stands by its products and supports the use Bio-Validation Program developed by the BioSciences Research (BSR) laboratory, Cambridge, MA.  This program is an evidenciary outcome analysis tool that empowers physicians with the ability to monitor their biologics online.  Physicians can now have independent validation that they are providing a clinical dose of PurePRP® to their patients. 


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Standing by our products by supporting clinical evidence

Free member sponsorship for the BSR BIO-VALIDATION PROGRAM

EmCyte is committed to the independent evaluation of our customer's PRP samples. Get the clinical evidence needed to assure that your patients are receiving the best care. Purchase 10 CBC bioassay kits from the BioSciences Research Laboratory and Emcyte will pay your annual membership fee for the Bio-Validation Program. You must be an active EmCyte customer to be sponsored.



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