bone marrow harvesting system

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Minimal invasive aspirating

The ASPIRE™ Bone Marrow Harvesting System is highly innovative.  It contains minimally invasive instrumentation that collects purified bone marrow aspirate at the point of care.  The aspirate derived from this system is especially high in progenitor stem cells due to it’s unique structure and aspirating technique.  The system is designed to gently penetrate the trabecular bone, maintaining a quiescent tissue environment during deployment and collection.  This leads to a significant reduction in tissue activation, free hemoglobin content and clotting.  The system provides a better bone marrow aspirate sample for processing, ultimately leading to bone marrow concentrate with supraphysiologic progenitor stem cell content.



ergonomic handling

Ergonomic and lightweight handle for
even application of pressure during
deployment through the cortical bone and trabecular space.

razor sharp coring

Diamond edge razor-sharp triple crown bevel proximal tip for minimally invasive coring and penetration through the cortical bone.  Reduces pain during application.

quiescent collection

Specially designed fenestrated blunt
tip aspirating cannula with triple core side ports for quiescent progenitor stem cell collection from the endosteal and sub-endosteal niches.

Standing alone but better together

colony forming units in ten

The ASPIRE™ Harvesting System is designed to collect aspirate from a horizontal geography in the endoseal and sub-endosteal niches of parenchymal bone marrow.  These areas are known to contain the richest source of progenitor and mesenchymal stem cells (MSC).  Ten milliliters of aspirate provides a powerful CFU cellularity indicator.  This is a result of it’s minimally invasive quiescent technology designed to target CFU caches within the trabecular spaces.   180 degree sequestering topography makes the most of the lateral aspirating plain giving the practitioner better access to virgin sites with a single 90 degree turn.  ASPIRE™ leads all BMA harvesting systems for non processing CFU acquisition.

concentrate brings it all home

The ASPIRE™ Harvesting System together with PureBMC® SupraPhysiologic Concentrating System is the ultimate combination for an all around powerful biologic that’s devoid of oxidative free hemoglobin.  PureBMC® provides significantly increased cellularity of all regenerative constituents when compared to the stand alone aspirate.  These include a greater than 80% retention of platelets, total nucleated stem cells and hematopoietic stem cells in a small treatment sample.  Additionally, colony forming units are retained or concentrated at more than 5 times the baseline with PureBMC® processing and peripheral blood infiltrates are removed by up to 90%.  Together ASPIRE™ and PureBMC® SupraPhysiologic presents as an essential combination for advanced regenerative therapy.