progenikine® adipose derived stem cells

Progenikine® Adipose Concentrating System prepares an adipose treatment sample that’s purified, emulsified and condensed. It’s designed to quickly and completely remove inflammatory oil and infranatant contaminants, leaving a clinically pure treatment sample for discriminating practitioners. It prepares concentrated adipose through a highly calibrated and scientifically established automated centrifugal process. Progenikine® adipose has been shown to contain powerful and viable progenitor cells with capacity for self-renewal and
multipotent differentiation. This adds regenerative potential for fat transfer in reconstructive applications. The multipotentiality gives rise to cell lineages that includes adipocytes, chondrocytes, myocytes, osteoblasts and neurocytes. These cell types play a role in reconstructive tissue regeneration and has been shown to be effective in various treatment applications.outcomes.




remove oil

Proximal aspiration port for the removal of oil contaminants


Remove infranatant

Distal aspiration port for the removal of infranatant contaminants

deliver quality

Pure sample of injectable
condensed adipose concentrate



Progenikine® uses centrifugal separation to condense adipose and isolate oil and infranatant contaminants. The proximal aspiration port permits the complete removal of the oil contaminant and the base aspiration port permits the complete removal of the infranatant contaminant. Progenikine® prepares adipose concentrate in less than 5 minutes. Centrifugation eliminates the need for process decanting, however collection decanting is still used to help replace effluent fluid with adipose.


adicen micro-fragmentation

Adicen is a three phase micro-fragmentation accessory that emulsifies adipose molecules into macrofat (MA), microfat (MI) and nanofat (NA). Its instrumentation has emulsification sizes of 2.4mm, 1.4mm and 1.2mm built into a single accessory device that’s easy to handle and simple to operate. It facilitates the injection of adipose tissue through small gauge hyperdermic needles, helping to provide cushioning and structural support to treated areas. It allows the practitioner to disperses a rich source of adipose derived stem cells which is key for the successful use of Adipose regenerative therapies. ADICEN has added another dimension of excellence to the Progenikine® Adipose Concentrating System, making it a perfect adjunct for many clinical applications.